UmangoVertical Solutions - Education Handling student paperwork, student enrolments and all the paperwork around school administration can be a real challenge. Retyping information for minor alterations can also be time…

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Proof of Delivery

UmangoVertical Solutions - Proof of Delivery Customers want the reassurance of what has been delivered is correct, in good condition and to the right location. Umango provides a one point…

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UmangoDocument Scanning, File Conversion and Imaging Software Umango is a global leader in the development of document scanning, file conversion and imaging software. Clients love the applications because they are…

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Data Extraction

UmangoHow We Can Help - Data Extraction Once you capture an image or scan some paperwork you often need to capture information about it. Umango provides a number of flexible…

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Umango Overview

UmangoSolutions - Overview We develop applications that are powerful yet easy to deploy, configure and use. With seamless connectivity into products like Microsoft SharePoint, HP Trim, Alfresco and a world…

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Multifunction Device Solutions

UmangoSolutions - Multifunction Device Solutions Scanning and profiling documents directly at a multifunction device can provide significant efficiency and productivity benefits in your office environment. What is Profile at Device?…

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Document Format Conversion

UmangoSolutions - Document Format Conversion Umango Convert is a document conversion and routing utility that runs as a Windows Service.Documents are triggered from MFP's, email attachments or network folders and…

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Umango Storing

UmangoHow We Can Help - Storing Umango is all about flexibility. How you want to capture information about your images and scanned documents and use it to store for later…

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